I was feeling too rushed, too frantic, to pay any mind to the razor at the back of my makeup drawer.

I always thought I was smart, but I guess the blade was smarter, & instantaneously the blood started to gush from my middle finger.

Under pressure, it did not stop; little spots of blood leaked through the poor excuse of a cover-up called a bandage & the annoying, throbbing pain stayed with me for over 24 hours.

It wasn’t until I dipped the digit into a solution of salt water that the bleeding ceased.

But the process took many tries, and I wondered how such a small cut could be so damn persistent & hurt so damn much.

Why did it have to be exposed & put through pain in order to heal?

Yet, this is not where my story ends:

Just when I thought all was well, of course, I get an infection…

Now the healing process has become more tedious & I am poking & prodding at different areas in hopes that this little disease to go away.

F*ck you, razor, for meeting my flesh when I least expected it, when I least needed it. 

It is quite possible, however, that my misfortune was a consequence born of carelessness.



Wind & Water.

They were as wind & water.

The wind moved the water to create beautiful, calming ripples.

But the wind, by nature, is ever-changing.

Thus, the wind could incite the tranquility of the water to become a tsunami.

Why is it that this storm must take place in order to see the depths & heights of all that is meaningful?



In the math world, f(x) = y.

They mean the same thing: the answer to a certain equation.

But in this situation, we are stuck with ‘why.’

Because 2 + 2 now equals ‘fish,’ just as your words & actions don’t quite add up.

You leave me at this great divide of what makes sense & what could be.

F(x) is a function, but with you, i cannot function.

Seems that it will be awhile that i am stuck with this problem…


You are You. 

You are you.

Imperfectly, perfect you.

You may not see it now. You may be tearing yourself apart right now for all the shortcomings. For not being where you want to be.

But you are here & that’s what matters.

You compare yourself to the models on TV, to your friends who have graduated & are working towards their dreams.

They are images of beauty & success.

But you are your own model, & need not follow them. For their beauty & their success is theirs, not yours.

You are your own person on your own journey & that is something that will never change.

So if you get sad thinking about how “behind” you are, stop that.

Stop it right now.

No one will travel the same road as you.

There will be times when paths meet & you will walk alongside someone. It may be long, it may be brief. But in the end, it’s you that you have to live with.

So love yourself & find what you love.

No one has that sparkle in your eye like you do. That spark you carry is solely your own.

Because no one can ever replace you, ever be you.

You are you.

Wonderful & worth the whole world, you.