About Me: The Author of all this Whimsy.

Hmm.. What’s there to say, really?

Let’s start with my name: Allex. But you can call me Al.

Born and raised a faith chaser. Young California bear. Suburb girl hoping to make it big in the world outside of her “two-story-house town.” Adventure lover. Scientist with the awestruck appreciation of a child. In love with that old-fashioned state-of-mind. Musician. Writer. Closet Nerd. One of the newer members of the blog community.

Always looking out for ways to express my ambition and passion for life. Trying, with some difficulty, to love those around me. Open to opportunities to grow (although not physically, because I’m rather content with my height of 5’4 hahaha). I STAY laughing and making stupid jokes like the amateur humorist I am. And like everyone else, just trying to find true happiness and my place on this planet. So find me ready to look you in the eye and say, “Challenge accepted.”

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