Late Start.

I realize that introductions are in order, but I haven’t exactly succeeded in doing so, since I found myself caught up in creating this blog in the first place, and I ended up submerging myself entirely with a rant about my struggles.

But now I’m slightly off tangent.

So allow me to introduce myself. I’ll give you a heads up; this may not be the most conventional of beginnings, and will perhaps be rather scatterbrained. But then again, random beginnings IS the URL of this blog and probably an indicator of my nature.

If you read my “About Me” page, you would find my name and simple things I’ve pointed out about my character. But of course, I would not have taken all the time in the world to explain EVERYTHING about my life in that single page, which brings me to the reason that I have created this blog: to express myself to whoever is interested in getting to know me and, of course, to provide my own path for expression as I step nervously, yet willingly into the world of adulthood. I’ve had a brush with blogging before; like with most teenagers, I partook in the Tumblr scene, but seeing as I’m entering a new chapter in my life, it seemed necessary to accommodate myself with something much more sophisticated, which I found via WordPress. I admit that I’ll keep my Tumblr for memories and inspiration, but for the most part, I’ve moved on from that phase.

But I digress. I’ve always loved writing, even when I was a small child. Some of my earliest recollections date back to the 2nd grade, and maybe even kindergarten. So to this day, I continue my passion for writing, and amidst my busy future as a doctor or a research biologist, I hope to be the author of a best selling book one day. To me, writing has always been a great form of art. If you were to look through some of my belongings, you would probably find loose scraps of paper with simple rhymes and rants about my perspective on life, whether it be about music, or about an actual situation I was dealing with. I don’t know. There’s just something about eloquent vocabulary on a piece of paper or on a computer screen that brings me joy.

So I guess I am imparting that, through blogging, I hope to bring that joy to others. But for now, I’m content with mine own. I would tell you that not all my posts will be happy, but you probably already know that. I realize that this post has become more about my writing, rather than about, for lack of better terms, “my general persona,” which, I guess, in itself, says something anyways. For now, I’ll tell you that you’re getting a look at the complex mind of a young adult who’s curious about the life ahead of her and continually searching for her sole purpose.

From this, I can say that it won’t always be pretty. But it WILL be interesting.


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